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12 Reasons Why Microsoft CRM Increases Productivity

Written By: Cliff Ford on March 8, 2011 No Comment

Microsoft CRM has focused on Productivity and Adoption

When end users spend most of their time repeating manual processes, it not only reduces their efficiency, it lowers employee satisfaction and allows errors to be introduced into your business data and processes. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides features that match the way that people work so they can be more productive, escape repetitive tasks, and work with data accurately.

Access your Microsoft CRM application without a virtual private network (VPN).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 gives you an easier, faster way to access your data over the Internet with Internet-Facing Deployments. Now end users can use Microsoft Office Outlook to access the CRM application using hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) from home or while travelling.

Search and find what you’re looking for.

Smart Search makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for by eliminating clicks and removing the necessity for a separate look up window. Search results will automatically display if an exact match is found. Relevant options are also displayed on partial matches when you type so you can easily select the relevant item, enabling you to spend your time on higher-value tasks.

Start up smarter.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 starts up smarter so that you can make more efficient use of your CRM application. The new Load Status Bar in Office Outlook gives you direct visibility into what is happening while the CRM application starts up and provides the ability to be cancelled at any time.

Quickly find recently used entities for e-mail tracking.

Users can now bulk-select e-mail messages for tracking, making it much easier to manage e-mail communications. The new Most Recently Used list in the Office Outlook CRM client helps end users fi nd commonly used entities—such as individuals, accounts, or opportunities—when tracking interactions. Users spend less time looking for information so they can focus on doing their job.

Understand the relevancy of correspondence at a glance.

Understand the relevancy of correspondence at a glance with new user interface enhancements. The new breadcrumb bar in the Office Outlook CRM client makes it easy for end users to see at a glance how an e-mail message is relevant to their work. When an e-mail message is being tracked in CRM, the breadcrumb shows why that item is being tracked. For example, if an e-mail message is related to a particular case or lead, that lead will be shown along with the message in Office Outlook.

Create mail merges in a browser online.

New and enhanced tools make it easier for users to manage and create mail merges. Create and share reusable templates with your coworkers so you can work more productively. A new Web-based tool for mail merges empowers users to work with mail merges through the Web.

Track all your activities in one place.

All activity types in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 can be synchronized with Microsoft Exchange Server, making it easier for users and organizations to tracktheir work. This allows users to track CRM activities, such as phone calls or letters, in addition to tracking e-mail messages, tasks, and other Exchange Server activities. This helps unify activities in one place so that users can work more productively.

Manage and track correspondence simply and seamlessly.

Tracking correspondence is now easier than ever before, thanks to tracking enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. E-mail smart matching evaluates your incoming messages and automatically matches them with the appropriate conversation, without a visible tracking token. This capability

Automatically generate leads and cases from e-mail messages.

E-mail messages can be promoted into leads or cases automatically, helping you do your work more efficiently. This reduces the amount of manual work required to manage these types of activities and speeds customer communications.

Connect with coworkers.

Integration with Microsoft Office Communications Server empowers quick communication and collaboration. Users can now see who is online or offl ine, free or busy, and launch a Microsoft Office Communicator session without leaving Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. This makes it even easier for teams to work together quickly whether they’re in the same Office or different geographical regions.

Automate manual activities.

Campaigns are streamlined in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 so that users can create, launch, and complete campaigns more quickly and with fewer clicks. When a user creates a campaign, they can send campaign e-mail messages and close campaign activities automatically. Automating these manual tasks helps users spend less time on manual processes.

Connect and share information with your community.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides a community-centered approach to information sharing with the new Resource Center, a Web-based community for creating and sharing CRM information and best practices between companies. The Resource Center will also be populated with role-relevant content so that users can get up to speed with CRM faster.


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Comparison Webinar: Microsoft CRM 2011 vs Salesforce.com

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