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August 2011

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Sugar CRM previously had 2 paid subscription models. But in the last 12 months, Sugar has shifted into 4 paid subscription options. This mimics closely the offering of Salesforce.com. And across the board, the feature set for each pricing level compares favorably for Sugar.

Sugar CRM Professional Edition includes social CRM, full sales, marketing and support automation, e-mail integration, list and chart reporting, team selling, advanced security, and workflow automation.

It also includes Support for up to 22 languages, unlimited API calls, and even regular back-ups of your customer data. Users also have the option to deploy online in the cloud or on their own network.

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Sugar CRM 6.2 is a fantastic new release. This edition is loaded with practical as well as flashy features. They’ve added calculated and hidden fields, mobile intergration, enhanced searching, and a slew of other important funtions. Read on!

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CRM Cost. What is the optimal way to evaluate Salesforce Costs and Microsoft CRM Costs? How can business owners best contrast solutions such as Sage ACT, Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Sage CRM, SalesLogix? Salesforce Cost. Evaluating the proper CRM Cost for each organization includes many important factors. One of these is the Total cost of ownership. That said, the value of TCO grows when you take into account the life cycle of the actual CRM deployment. Salesforce has proven itself to be a very professional firm as well as a great provider of CRM systems. Yet the greatest knock is whether the Salesforce Cost is too high. Microsoft CRM Costs. Selecting a low priced CRM system, entry-level CRM system may at first appear to be the smart choice. Yet if that software solution is not able to grow as your business grows, the investment can become more expensive in the long run. While certain CRM packages appear to be licensed at a specific price, please do yourself a favor and ask the right questions about any additional fees to integrate that CRM software with other solutions, or for mobile integration. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has come in with very competitive pricing. They are clearly targeting Salesforce defectors. Their ambition is market share and they are achieving this with Microsoft CRM Costs that makes them competitive – even with other great products such as Sugar and Sage ACT. With the abundance of comparison options available in the world of CRM, the list below contains the keys for choosing the appropriate CRM for your organization.

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Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online worth it? You might be wondering if the online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a good fit? It is clearly the strategy of Microsoft to push this right now. When doing a CRM Cost Analysis of Microsoft’s online vs on-premise solution, it’s an easy decsion. Online is clearly the [...]

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This training blog walks you through the details of customizing Sage ACT – specifically focusing on drop-downs. This video blog gets into a bunch of details on how to do this the right way!!

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