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September 2011

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Social media is an instrument for the visibility of the business in the market. By introducing better features of social media and the collaboration between analytics and cloud computing, the success of SugarCRM software is predetermined. SugarCRM has evolved from more than just a CRM product; it had also become the CRM for social business where networks with the likes of FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are part of its vital arsenal of facilities. With the MS Outlook integration already present, the expansion of the cloud computing facilities are broadened further with this social media integration.

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Applications between SugarCRM and IBM solutions will lead to a powerful CRM system that provides compelling programs for business enterprises across the global market. Among the first applications connecting IBM with SugarCRM is the Lotus Live programs, which is considered as a collaboration that provides web conferencing and sharing of documents in the system. In addition to this, the Cognos Business Intelligence Suite is an integrated application for the reporting and analytics purposes. Typically, the dashboards and the scorecards are also included in the CRM, which will enhance the data productivity of the sales workforce.

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CRM systems move to get the best workflow from the contracts down to the approval of the authorized personnel. Efficient and effective projections on the marketing perspective are achieved with both SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One feature that SugarCRM offers is the fact it can create web form pages in lead capture, which is a unique approach to lead generation. Meanwhile, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides workflow-driven facility that creates this collaboration between the marketing and sales divisions of the business organization.

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The list of most popular CRM packages has included Saleslogix and Salesforce for the last 10 years. Overr the recent decade, Salesforce has eclipsed Saleslogix as the top CRM system. Salesforce has introduced the idea of cloud software – as a way of renting CRM rather than purchasing it. Saleslogix, on the other hand, has focused on the CRM industry by fusing an installed application as well as the web based functions for the past 14 years

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Cloud computing is considered as a high end technology that delivers the best results to the programs and the applications. MS office 365 is agnostic in regards to the IT platform. The Microsoft Office 365 Cloud is the facility that enhances the function of the IT department without any physical need to establish new infrastructure components or the need to train new personnel to the systems. Tools such as Firefox by Mozilla will play a crucial role in such cloud implementations.

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