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February 2012

Written By: Cliff Ford on February 29, 2012 No Comment

Customer relationship management is being used by a growing number of organizations with much success. Perhaps one reason that CRM is so popular is because it allows a company to focus on the needs of their customers. Customers are the main reason why CRM exists in the first place.

Written By: Cliff Ford on February 28, 2012 No Comment

There are so many reasons to use a customer relationship management system but, perhaps the best one of all is so that your business can keep the customers you already have. When you keep your current customers happy they will do business with you for many years. Customer retention will cost you less when compared to the costs associated with marketing and attracting new clients.

Written By: Cliff Ford on February 27, 2012 No Comment

Many business people wonder how a customer relationship management system can improve their business. The thing to remember is that CRM is quickly becoming a part of how people do business. People who are in business are starting to see where CRM fits into the bigger picture of running a company. Great communication is important to so many areas in business and CRM helps every company take that into consideration.

Written By: Cliff Ford on February 24, 2012 No Comment

Back around the late 1990′s, it was thought that many of the top CRM consulting firms were going to become out dated and disappear. Many experts thought this was going to happen because of new software and the fact that software would be easier to use.

Written By: Cliff Ford on February 6, 2012 No Comment

Customer relationship management (CRM) is versatile system that can be put in place for customer service tracking, developing marketing and sales campaigns and more. Most business people feel that a positive relationship with their customers is essential to the life blood of any business. One of the easiest ways to develop and maintain these relationships is by using customer relationship management software and CRM systems.

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