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April 2012

Written By: Cliff Ford on April 19, 2012 No Comment

In this article we consider the relative merits of Microsoft CRM as opposed to Sugar CRM. The comparison websites provide superficial differences but you have to ensure that you get bespoke solutions. Both these solutions have been classified under the unitary umbrella of the magic quadrant but they have specific qualities that add different aspects to their SFA operations.

Written By: Cliff Ford on April 18, 2012 No Comment

Marketing on the move is becoming a recognized way to perform business activities and the iPad is rapidly becoming a leading player in this new CRM revolution. Mobile computers are now an essential part of any business man’s armory, and with the ever increasing popularity of the iPad CRM, companies are beginning to release applications that allow marketers to track support, sales and marketing services in real time.

Written By: Cliff Ford on April 17, 2012 No Comment

CRM or customer relationship management software can be used for many reasons. When you turn your focus on understanding the needs of your client, servicing those needs and better communication you have the key ingredients for success. Knowing this information you might wonder what CRM has to do with your staffing needs.

Written By: Cliff Ford on April 14, 2012 No Comment

Customer relationship management is so much more than just the technology behind it. It starts with understanding the needs of your customers. With this understanding comes the needs to build better business relationships with these customers.

Written By: Cliff Ford on April 13, 2012 No Comment

When it comes to CRM or customer relationship management, both small and large sized companies have a pretty good playing field. To be in business today you need a CRM system that is easy to use and that does not cost millions of dollars to use or set up.

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