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Avidian Prophet CRM vs. Goldmine CRM

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 20, 2012 No Comment

CRM Comparison: Avidian Prophet CRM vs Goldmine CRM 

When it comes to Customer Relationship management (CRM) programs, there are quite a number in the market. However, few are as innovative as the Goldmine CRM. This article pits Goldmine CRMs vs Avidian Prophet CRM to find out which fairs better in providing the best customer relationship management experience to your sales force.

Praise for Goldmine CRM

Goldmine CRM has quite a number of features that make it unique in the CRM market. For one, the Goldmine CRM is known to be one of the first software to offer contact management as well as customer relationship management programs for sales teams. It also has a number of additional features which improves its functionality.

Downside to Goldmine

However, when pitting the Goldmine CRM vs Avidian Prophet CRM, one notices a substantial number of shortcomings on the Goldmine’s side. One of the main drawbacks was that this CRM system was complicated to install. Sales managers prefer to have CRMs that are easy to implement and the Goldmine CRM proved difficult to use. Moreover, the majority of the software provided was found to be inapplicable for most businesses and therefore the CRM is not very useful.

Another drawback noticed with the Goldmine system is that the add-ons which improve its functionality are also quite expensive. In the present economy sales managers are looking for reasonably priced CRMs such as the Avidian Prophet. Moreover, the sales managers are also looking for innovative products which despite their complex functionality are still very easy to install and use. This is exactly what defines the Avidian Prophet CRM.

Conclusion: Avidian Prophet Maintains Edge Over Goldmine

Thus, when pitting the Avidian Prophet CRM vs Goldmine CRM, it can be clearly seen that the Avidian Prophet CRM wins in many aspects. When searching for a CRM that lets you keep track of sales efficiently, then the Avidian Prophet CRM is just what you are looking for. 


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