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Best CRM Software – List of the Top 100 CRM Software Companies

Written By: Cliff Ford on February 7, 2013 No Comment

Best CRM Software: List of the Top 100 CRM Software Companies

Let’s start off with the Top 5 CRM Software Vendors

In this article we provide several “Top CRM” lists. Currently in the overall CRM marketplace, the Top 5 Customer Relationship Management software vendors are Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft CRM. Wait that’s only 4. That’s because this list includes the Enterprise CRM business environment and skews the results. These 4 Customer Relationship Management programs make up approximately 78% of the overall market. Of the remaining 22%, SugarCRM, ZohoCRM  and Saleslogix are among the biggest players.

Top 10 CRM Software for Small Business

In the world of Small Business customer management software, the top 10 list will appear differently, depending on who you are talking to. But Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are the big 3 in terms of licenses and downloads. Salesforce single-handedly built the SAAS CRM marketplace. Microsoft CRM is the most feature rich product and dominates in companies that have already implemented a Microsoft work environment (MS Office, MS SharePoint, MS Exchange, etc…). And SugarCRM is the strongest player in the world of Open Source CRM and when integration is a key component on the requirement list. So here’s the current list of the Top 10 Customer Relationship Management systems for Small Business:

  1. ACT! by Sage (Contact Management software)
  2. Goldmine (Contact Management program)
  3. Highrise
  4. Infusionsoft
  5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  6. NetSuite
  7. Salesforce
  8. Saleslogix by Sage
  9. SugarCRM
  10. Zoho CRM

Top CRM for Mac

  1. SugarCRM
  2. Salesforce.com
  3. Elements CRM
  4. Marketcircle Daylite
  5. iDeal CRM

 List of the Top 100 CRM Software Companies

Act! by Sage – The # 1 selling contact manager software for small business [click here]
ACT! by Sage Premium – Premium solution designed for sales teams or corporate workgroups [click here]
Active CRM by Active Modules – Web 2.0 CRM with integrated social networking & knowledge [click here]
ADAPTcrm – Scope of features found in more complex CRM products at good price point [click here]
AddressTwo – A simple CRM for small businesses, solopreneuers, and micro-enterprise [click here]
Advanced CRM – Ideal application for running businesses that have web-based customers [click here]
AIMcrm – Powerful, easy-to-use lead management and CRM software, well priced [click here]
Allbase – Affordable web-based Client Relationship Management Software for SMEs [click here]
Amphis Customer CRM – Small Biz CRM and Contacts DB. Outlook integration, custom fields, reports [click here]
AnytimeCRM - Customer Relations Management software solution for Romanian SME’s [click here]
Aplicor – On Demand CRM for global mid market organisations [click here]
AppShore – Online Customer Relationship Management program for small business [click here]
Auric Prospector – On Demand CRM made simple – either ASP or on premise offerings [click here]
Autotask Pro – Track the customer relationship better than ever before, fast real-time access [click here]
Avant Garde aCRM – Integrated Contact Relationship Management software for mid-sized business [click here]
BatchBook – CRM that knows the business of social- contacts, to-do’s & social networking [click here]
BizAutomation – Run your entire business on one integrated system [click here]
Bizitek Emptor – CRM designed specfically for Telco service providers, an Eriksen company [click here]
Bridged Exchange – Provides SMEs superior, less expensive solutions through hosted applications [click here]
BrowserCRM – Web based customer management – for small business, 5 to 250 users [click here]
Centerbase – Affordable full featured CRM – hosted and on premise offerings available [click here]
CMPro by CRMG – Guaranteed success in your CRM implementation, integrated offering [click here]
Comcate – Leading CRM software for public agencies, affordable offerings [click here]
Commence CRM – The trusted name in CRM – On Demand and desktop CRM for SMEs [click here]
Compiere – Easier, adaptable & affordable – value for money CRM and ERP applications [click here]
Complete xRM – Enterprise 2.0 CRM for small and medium business, SOA & BPM enabled [click here]
ConcourseSuite – Open source solution with integrated CRM, content management & collaboration [click here]
Core2CRM – The worlds easiest, most flexible customer relationship manager- scalable [click here]
CRM on Excel – Excel based CRM solution for small businesses [click here]
C-suite Office by SBN – The one solution that ties together all your contacts, inventory & quotes [click here]
Daffodil CRM – Commercial open source CRM – feature rich and highly affordable [click here]
Dovarri - CRM software built entirely on Microsoft Sharepoint, designed for speed [click here]
eBMS – Flexible web based business management systems [click here]
EBSuite – Scalable CRM software for businesses of all sizes [click here]
Enotia CRM – CRM with advanced integration, customisation, rapid deployment and low cost [click here]
EnterpriseWizard Hybrid – CRM solution with broad functionality plus flexible adaptability [click here]
eSalesTrack – Big business CRM at small business prices – On Demand CRM [click here]
EssentialPIM – Personal Information Manager to keep all your information electronically [click here]
Flowbiz Contacts (CRM) – Seamlessly brings people, process, information & data into best practice [click here]
Focus Streamline – A storehouse of valuable information about a business and its customers [click here]
FreeCRM – A web based software solution for CRM and SFA – contacts, leads, pipelines [click here]
Goldmine Corporate – A CRM workhorse designed for small businesses [click here]
Goldmine Premium – Now you can reinvent your sales, marketing and support processes, mid-market [click here]
Greentree – Low-cost high performance software helping medium sized organisations [click here]
Heap – Manage your customer relationships simply- simply, easy & cost effective [click here]
Highrise by 37signals – The smarter way to keep track of the people you do business with [click here]
HyperOffice - Online contact management with integrated collaboration, projects [click here]
Impowersoft Swift – A revolutionary CRM application engineered from the ground up using .NET [click here]
InfoStreet StreatSmart – Complete intranet solution including CRM, collaboration and workflow [click here]
Infusion CRM – A powerful web-based small business CRM, automates your entire business [click here]
Insider by IRM Ltd – The smart CRM & Office Management solution for sales, marketing, administration and finance [click here]
Intalio|CRM – 60% cheaper than Salesforce, better features/architecture than SugarCRM [click here]
ISIS – Customizable web-based CRM, intranet and workflow application [click here]
Jobsync – Sales Force Automation and CRM data collection from mobile handsets [click here]
KiBS CRM – Adapts to a business’ customer acquisition, retention & development processes [click here]
LeadsOnRails – Easier to use than large CRM systems – more capable than contact managers [click here]
Legrand CRM Pro – Easy-to-use customer management software specifically for small business [click here]
Legrand CRM Corporate – Advanced CRM software for larger workgroups & growing customer base [click here]
LessCRM – Web CRM for a budget minded company- specifically for small business [click here]
LoanLinx – On-premise CRM with commission mgt for finance & insurance industry- MS Office integration [click here]
Mamut Office – An all-in-one, single user financial system for startups & small businesses [click here]
Mamut CRM & Sales – CRM tool for sales, marketing and customer management [click here]
Mamut One – All your IT requirements in one solution- ERP, CRM, payroll, ecommerce [click here]
MarketsMaster – Turning today’s leads into tomorrow’s business- for mid market customers [click here]
Maximizer CRM – Simply Successful CRM – contacts, mobility & CRM for any sized business [click here]
Microsoft Dynamics CRM - CRM that is as familiar and indispensable as Microsoft Office Outlook [click here]
Moobiz – Online CRM software designed for SMEs- integrated projects, collab & content [click here]
MosaicCRM – A feature-rich CRM focused on real life processes & methodologies – pipeline, deal flow, activities [click here]
MX-Contact – CRM, contact management and SFA that runs inside Microsoft Outlook [click here]
Neofive Customer Portal – Customer loyalty portal with CRM & email marketing for business people [click here]
Netsuite CRM – Goes beyond traditional CRM solutions- complete customer lifecycle mgt [click here]
Office Interactive – On demand CRM offering small and midsized businesses a centralized solution [click here]
Officewala – Free web-based CRM software- fast & simple for SMEs [click here]
OneSource – CRM/Accounting software made simple- simplifies all office tasks [click here]
OoCRM – OoCRM covers the entire lifecycle of CRM, powerful reporting and advanced tools [click here]
Oprius – The Contact Management software for independent sales professionals [click here]
Oracle CRM On Demand – Easy-to-use subscription-based CRM for sales, service, marketing & contacts [click here]
Probis – Business information solutions for the property industry, integrated CRM [click here]
PipelineDeals – Simple CRM for Big Business – fast, easy-to-use and affordable [click here]
Prophet Personal – The easiest CRM software for Outlook – contact & sales for individuals [click here]
Prophet Advanced – The easiest CRM software for Outlook – includes sales automation [click here]
Prophet Premium – The easiest CRM software for Outlook – includes automated workflow [click here]
Prophet Prof./Ent. – The easiest CRM software for Outlook – server based for your sales team [click here]
RanceLab FusionRetail – Integrated CRM software specifically for the Retail industry [click here]
Really Simple Systems – Hosted CRM for small and medium sized organisations that is easy to use [click here]
Relenta – Shared email, contact and task manager that gets things done- nothing less [click here]
Results – Award-winning CRM and business solutions, Quickbooks & Outlook integration [click here]
RightNow CRM – Complete customer service and SFA solution – for agents who cross sell [click here]
Sage Accpac – Easy access to centralized customer and prospect information [click here]
Sage SalesLogix – Complete view of customer interactions- sales, marketing, service & support [click here]
SageCRM – Easy-to-use, fast-to-deploy on-site CRM software with configurable processes [click here]
Salesbase CRM – SalesBase CRM provides simplicity with maximum control, through integration [click here]
Salesboom – On Demand CRM software and ERP at its best for businesses of any size [click here]
Salesflow – Integrated sales process management software for the mid market [click here]
Salesforce.com - The leader in customer relationship management (CRM) & cloud computing [click here]
SalesJunction – Easy to use web-based CRM and SFA designed & priced to fit any sized company [click here]
SalesNexus – Total web-based Contact Management software – for 5 to 5,000 users [click here]
SAP Business One - Affordable, easy-to-use business software for small and midsize businesses [click here]
SBZone – Integrated on demand solution with sales, emails, contacts & financials [click here]
ServiceDesk Pro – Business management tool for SMEs, IT service providers and consultants [click here]
Sextant CRM – Contact Manager and sales tool designed to build your client base [click here]
SmartCompany - Simply smarter on demand CRM for your company- mid-sized businesses [click here]
Soffront – Mid-market CRM with SFA, marketing, help desk software and more… [click here]
Software On Sailboats – Desktop CRM for sales professionals and sales teams – low cost [click here]
SugarCRM – The Cloud is Open. The market leading commercial open source CRM application. [click here]
Total Enterprise CRM – The most flexible CRM system for any business at an affordable cost [click here]
Tracknology – Sales Force Automation for mobiles with task & activity reporting to Mini-CRM [click here]
Tustena CRM – Complete, easy-to-use and affordable solution designed to help you [click here]
Uniware AusVantage – World class software that puts you in the driver’s seat – AU [click here]
Up Close and Personal (UCAP) – CRM and office-management system for all your customer interactions [click here]
Vision Pipeline – A simple tool that organizes and tracks all your contacts and activities [click here]
vTiger – Open source CRM – an all-in-one ‘track everything’ organic package [click here]
Winds CRM – On demand easy-to-use CRM suite for Small and Medium Enterprises [click here]
Workbooks CRM – Simple & affordable, web-based CRM solution for small & mid-size organisations [click here]
Zoho CRM – Affordable On Demand CRM – award winning software, value for money [click here]

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This pricing matrix will empower you to identify the chief factors and issues that are relevant for your CRM project rollout. The TCO analysis calculates the 3 and 5 year Total Cost of Ownership.

We have also included data for contrasting and evaluating the top CRM software systems on the market. These CRM systems include MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sage CRM, Saleslogix, SugarCRM and more.

Factors covered in this TCO Analysis:

  • Yearly Subscription
  • User cost
  • Support and Service
  • Hardware as well as Network factors (incl. Server and User costs)
  • Implementation and Project Rollout
  • Team and Staffing
  • Mobility including iPad
  • and much more.

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Evaluation Features include:

  • Most Valuable CRM Functions
  • Pricing and Licensing
  • Available Modules (e.g. SFA, Marketing, Service, etc)
  • Synchronization and Remote database options (offline sync)
  • Call Center features
  • Quoting options
  • Lead and Sales Management (including Web to Lead forms)
  • Security Roles and Team Permissions
  • Workflow and Automation details
  • Hardware and IT support

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  • Business objectives and goals
  • Existing software details
  • Record and Module Evaluation
  • Document Management
  • Sales, Leads, Targets, Accounts and Contacts
  • Marketing and Target Groups (Segmentation)
  • Opportunity Management
  • Service and Support, Case and Bug Tracking
  • Users and Team Access, etc…
  • Security Rights – Field and Module level
  • Data Access and Network Sync
  • Mobility Options and Trends
  • Integration Possibilities
  • Customizationa and Personalization options
  • Automation limitations and options
  • and more…

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