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Written By: Cliff Ford on September 10, 2012 No Comment

Three Way Comparison: Sage ACT vs Salesforce vs Avidian Prophet Customer Related Management (CRM) is software that helps in organizing sales related functions in a better manner. The Avidian Prophet CRM Software is positioning itself as a more user friendly, easy to install, and cost effective CRM Solution. Furthermore it has better features than ACT and Salesforce [...]

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Comparison between Outlook and Goldmine CRM Software Prophet Outlook is a great tool which eases the process of sending emails. It rises above Goldmine CRM Software, simply because of the CRM sales features that plug directly into Outlook. If you’re a person that uses Outlook daily, for emailing, creating contacts, tasks, appointments, and so forth- [...]

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 23, 2012 No Comment

Top Producer vs Avidian Prophet CRM  In the CRM market, there are few aspects that determine what makes a quality CRM that sales team want to use and those which make sales teams fail to search for a particular CRM. Paying attention to what the sales team desires from CRM and designing the CRM software [...]

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 20, 2012 No Comment

MAXIMIZER CRM VS AVIDIAN PROPHET Maximizer CRM (customer relationship management software system) is more than capable of being implemented in large business organizations. Mzximizer is baxically a central management system which keeps track of every customer or prospect. Users can also have access to the entire history of the sales instantly. The CRM package offered by [...]

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 20, 2012 No Comment

CRM Comparison: Avidian Prophet CRM vs Goldmine CRM  When it comes to Customer Relationship management (CRM) programs, there are quite a number in the market. However, few are as innovative as the Goldmine CRM. This article pits Goldmine CRMs vs Avidian Prophet CRM to find out which fairs better in providing the best customer relationship [...]

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