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Cloud CRM Trends, Tools and Comparisons

Written By: Cliff Ford on June 13, 2012 No Comment

Cloud CRM – A must have in today’s business

When you need an effective approach to keeping track of your clients and offering them the best possible communication, you might want to check into using an online CRM solution. CRM or customer relationship management is a software application that is designed to allow a company to store data between the company and the customer.

Cloud CRM Trends – Access your data from anywhere at any time

  • Trend #1 Mobile. Users want to access their data from anywhere.
  • Trend #2 Subscriptions rather than owning a license. This allows you to get updates pushed out rather than needing to install and update your vesion of CRM.
  • Trend #3 Hosted rather than installed.

Cloud CRM systems allow everyone within a company to access that data in a quick efficient way – from any browser and from any location. You only need to have access to the internet. This improves everything the organization does as a whole. It leads to better communication, better marketing, better information sharing and higher sales.

If you are not sure what Cloud CRM is, do not be worried. Cloud CRM is just a software application that functions somewhat like Facebook. No server needed. No hardware installation needed. It just works on a browser on your computer.

CRM trend towards making data sharing easier and faster

This program also allows you to share your notes and valuable information within the company with ease because all of the customer information is connected and accessible in one easy to use system.

With Subscription CRM, your business can smoother and more efficient

Everything from efficient ordering of products and services to offering customer support can be made super easy with the use of CRM software programs. You can also learn to evaluate parts of the process to improve your company and make the marketing plan more effective. The customers and clients can even use the system to share what they like and dislike about things that are relevant to your daily operations like price, what you offer and more.

Optimize your time usage with a SAAS CRM Tool

Using an online CRM system will allow you to cut down on valuable time because the start up is easier. You would sign up for the service and start using it. You can also access this data and system most anywhere you can access the web. Everything is stored online and you do not have to worry about things like computer memory, the amount of storage you have on your office computer and the like.

 SAAS CRM as a Tool for your Small Business? No Problem!

The CRM system will also help inter-office communications. If you have a small company and find it hard to manage your marketing and communications or daily operations, the CRM system will be helpful to you. This would come in hand if people are not all in the same office building or if they have to work from home for the day. They can access the CRM system and communicate. This allows them to work better as a team.

Increase your CRM sales with awesome customer service!

One benefit of using a CRM solution is that your customer service will get much better. You increase your client response time and communicate with your client in a quick and efficient way. This makes them happy and has a direct reflection on your sales numbers. If you use CRM for no other reason than this you will be way ahead of the game.

Free Download - CRM Excel Tool - CRM Feature ComparisonCloud CRM Feature Comparison

With this tool, you will be able to understand the features and details of the top Cloud CRM systems. You will be able to evaluate the following Cloud CRM business software systems: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Infusion, Saleslogix, and more… Cloud/SAAS CRM evaluation topics include: Chart of Features, Price, Available Entities, Network Platforms, and more…

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