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CRM-Getting Started Guide

Written By: Cliff Ford on December 16, 2011 No Comment

Getting started with CRM

Before undertaking any project you will want to get to make sure you have a firm grasp of the basics. This is true when you are thinking about using CRM or customer relationship management software.

Getting started is easy with a simple CRM

Much of this software is sold as a right to use and is available to you to use. The best way to explain how it works is to compare it to using a social media site. You have an account for your company and everyone who needs the info.

The best example of a simple CRM system for getting started is SugarCRM. Here’s why:

  • SugarCRM is in the cloud. It requires no download or installation. Just log in to your account on your browser.
  • SugarCRM Mobile requires no App or installation. Just log in to your account on the browser.
  • SugarCRM uses any browser. Any? Yes any!
  • SugarCRM will set you up with an account within 2-4 hours. That means you can be up and running in one day.
  • SugarCRM training for new uses is less than 2 hours. That means you can get going right away.
  • SugarCRM is intuitive. It really is. I use it daily.

CRM Systems help with Getting Things Done

A great benefit of using CRM is that anyone within your company who needs the data has access to the information quickly. Having a good CRM system will help to make the process of getting clients, keeping in touch with past clients as well as sales and marketing a fine oiled machine. When the quality of your data is important you will want to have the best CRM system available to make the company run smooth.

Getting Started with the CRM Built in help

When you have a great CRM process in place you will see that much of the flow of work can be guided with ease. There has to be some guide that shows everyone how the process should work to prevent it from falling apart. Using a CRM system can help to get everyone on the same page. The CRM software will help with all of the steps from start to finish and allow you to track the whole process. The bottom line is that when your CRM system is running correctly and chosen properly, it will make the company more money.

Getting Started by Planning your CRM implementation properly

You might wonder how CRM can make your company more money and the answer is simple. When you have control over the process of sales and marketing from start to finish you are able to make a better plan of action. Having a plan of action that is measurable and adjustable will make you money when you implement it correctly. You will keep many clients with the use of CRM software because they will not fall through the cracks. This will bring you cost per customer down and make you more money. You owe it to yourself to take a look at some of the CRM products offered and see which ones are right for your business.

Webinar: Compare how simple it is to get started with Microsoft CRM vs Salesforce

This webinar compares how easy it is to get started for the top 2 CRM systems Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This webinar will help you in your CRM evaluation. To view the on-demand webinar, click the image below.

CRM Webinar - Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce.com

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