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CRM Selection Process – How to Pick the Right CRM System for your Company

Written By: Cliff Ford on March 26, 2012 No Comment

Selecting a CRM is less complex these days

This article will cover a few basics of the CRM Selection process. The customer relationship management industry standards have been making it much easier for every business big or small to manage their customers, clients and friends. This was not the case many years ago when CRM first started during the height of the computer generation.

How to Select a CRM – 4 detailed steps

A few years ago it was hard for a large sized business to keep up with their clients using a bulky, slow CRM and it was not cost effective for a small sized business to use a CRM system at all. This has all changed now and more and more companies are using customer relationship management systems regardless of the size of their company.

  • In the CRM Selection process, the first key is to understand your own needs and requirements.

  • Secondly, you will want to decide between a cloud CRM and an installed CRM.

  • Thirdly, you will need to compare several CRMs on the market

  • Fourth, it is advisable to select a CRM consultant who can guide you through the process.

A Guide for CRM Selection – Pick the one that you can afford

Using CRM is an amazing way to manage your clients and keep up with their needs. The cost of your CRM selection has become affordable and the software has become easier to use. Several forms of business are starting to see that the cost of seleting a CRM solution for their business is far out weighed by the benefits the system provides.

Having trouble with the whole CRM Selection Process? 

The cost of the CRM system has become more affordable and part of the reasons why there are many different systems on the market today. A CRM selection partner will be happy to help you find the best CRM system and training for your business.

Once you start using CRM you will be able to keep up with the ever growing needs of your clients. A CRM Selection Process can be a very demanding task, but that is where your local CRM provider can assist you!

Choosing an Industry specific CRM

The key to finding the CRM system to meet your needs is to establish your target market. This might lead you toward an idustry specific CRM system. Once you know who your customers are and how to find them, you can use CRM to customize your targeted marketing and sales plans. Just like everything in marketing consistency is the key to using a CRM system. The sooner you and everyone in your business start using the CRM system the better the results will be.

Free Download - CRM Excel Tool - TCO CalculatorFree Download of the new CRM Selection and TCO Calculator

This new CRM selection tool, you can compare the TCO of more than 10 of the key CRM systems.

The comparison calculator provides info on the following CRM software systems: Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Sales logix, Sage CRM,  ACT, and more…

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