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Feature Review of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Written By: Cliff Ford on June 17, 2012 No Comment

Detailed list of the top Microsoft CRM features

Our staff of engineers has spent over 100 hours testing and using Microsoft Dynamics CRM – and have come up with a list of favorite new features. We broke down our list of new features and improvements into 2 main categories – User features and Admin features.

MS CRM Features for Users

  1. Improved User Interface – residing in Microsoft Office. Microsoft CRM connects with Outlook via a button in MS Outlook. CRM also uses the same Ribbon as is used in Microsoft Office 2010. Lastly, CRM works well together with Office 365 from Microsoft.
  2. Simplified Layout. Microsoft CRM’s new layout strategy is simple. Pop-ups have their place, but the new Singular Layout makes navigation easy and quick. Tabs can be accessed as drop-down options on the Information button.
  3. Dashboard Visualization. Users are now able to personalize their views as well as customize their dashboards. One interesting is In-Line Visualization. Borrowing from Pivot Table logic in Office, the data in CRM can be charted and graphed. Graphic options include Pie, Funnel, Column, Bar and more.
  4. Flexible GUI (Graphic User Interface). In previous versions, screenswere fairly inflexible. Now, labels can be positioned in various proximities to the fields. You can even develop screens for each individual role or user type.
  5. User Security. This new version also includes role-based ownership. This can be customized at a very granular level.
  6. Data Filters. Thank you Microsoft for giving us the same data filtering options as in Excel!
  7. Filtered Searching. Layouts can now be customized such that they only show specifically filtered data.
  8. Footers and Headers in each Screen. In order to limit scrolling, Layouts can be designed such that the most often needed data can remain visible at all times.
  9. Improved Drop-downs. Instead of having to define unique drop-downs, global drop-downs can be defined and managed within “Managed Solutions”.
  10. Automation and Workflow has been enhanced quite a bit. We have designed crazy things for ourselves and our customers. Just about anything can be automated in MS CRM.

MS CRM Features for Administrator

  1. Managed Solutions. Programmers are enabled to develop and secure their solutions. Versioning can also be accomodated. Solutions include security roles, customizations, templates, workflows, and more.
  2. High Quality Integration with SharePoint. Microsoft CRM now natively integrates with SharePoint Services. This empoweres document/library management as well as other fantastic possibilities.
  3. Screen Design simplified. Rather than spend hours creating a screen, admins can now use drag and drop to quickly move fields where they are needed.
  4. International versioning. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5.0 will be available in 40 markets and languages.
  5. Very Flexible Data-Table structures. Just about any kind of relationship between tables can be designed.

Microsoft CRM Training 

Join our Webinar Video Series: Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce

We have recorded a CRM comparison series – between Salesforce and Microsoft CRM. This should help you in your CRM evaluation. To view the on-demand webinar, click the image below.

CRM Webinar - Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce.com


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