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Goldmine vs. Salesforce Comparison Review

Written By: Cliff Ford on June 19, 2012 No Comment

Goldmine vs Salesforce Review

The main purpose of CRM software is to improve the efficiency of sales people in a company. There are several types of CRMs in the market. Choosing the right CRM for your company depends upon several factors such as pricing, complexity, feature required, work flow and process support, compatibility with third party applications and so on.

Goldmine and Salesforce.com are industry leading CRMs. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you are going to learn about some of the  differences between Salesforce and GoldMine.

Platform compatibility – Goldmine and Salesforce

Goldmine was one of the first CRMs.It was released in 1989 and it was designed to be a windows based application. Goldmine applications run primarily on locally installed network PCs which run on Windows Server OS.

Salesforce.com does not require any installation on any computer for its usage. Data is processed from data centers in the “cloud”. One can access the data anytime from any computer by using normal internet browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Since it is based on Salesforce “cloud computing” it can be accessed from windows computers or mac or using your smart phones. This feature gives more freedom comparing to users of Goldmine.

Goldmine and Salesforce – Pricing and Features

GoldMine licenses can be purchased for a one-time fee of $695 and there is no monthly payment subscription for usage of this CRM.Updates and technical support for one year can be obtained by paying 20% of user license fee.

Salesforce is priced on a monthly subscription basis.Prices vary depending upon the features required by the client and number of users.Monthly subscription fee starts from $2 per user for lower (Contact Manager )edition to $ 250 per user for unlimited customizationsand 24×7 support from the GoldMine staff.

Software Updates and Maintenance time:

GoldMine customers need to reinstall GoldMine application on every local user’s PC as well as on remote servers.This causes a major hassle as reinstallation has to be done by all network users for smooth functioning.

Salesforce.com usually provides three major upgrades every year. Since Salesforce.com runs on cloud, upgrades are done automatically and the whole process is hassle-free from the user-side.

Goldmine and Salesforce – Customization features

GoldMine has a tool called Design tool which helps the administrator to add custom fields like date/time or alphanumeric data to the Contact table which is connected to the main Contact table in a one -to-one relationship.

Salesforce.com provides high end customization.It provides graphical tools as well as programming languages to customize in every imaginable way..A coder who is well versed in using Salesforce programming languages like Apex, Visualforce and Salesforce Markup can customize to match the needs of any business.

Comparison of Data Security

GoldMine allows security of database for both record level and field level. This feature allows the administrator the rights to allow whether a record can be accessed by a single user or a group of users or everyone on the network.

Salesforce.com offers high end data security measures. Sharing rules are well defined this allows much more control over who or how much data one particular user can access. In short, data security in this system more defined than that of GoldMine CRM.

Comparison of Sales Quote customization

In order to create a sales quote for the contacts in GoldMine, one has to install a third party application called QuoteWerks.

In Salesforce.com salesquote creation can be customized and it doesn’t require any third party application to do this. In Salesforce.com discount rules can be defined and if necessary quotes can be subjected to an approval process.

Goldmine / Salesforce CRM Migration

For those interested in migrating from Goldmine to Salesforce or from Salesforce to Goldmine, both options are easily achieved – if the data and structure from the originating database is clean. For more advice on this, contact a top CRM partner such as Accent Gold Solutions.

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