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How to Configure the Sage ACT Automation Tool “Smart Tasks”

Written By: Cliff Ford on June 29, 2012 No Comment

Basics of Configuring Sage ACT Smart Tasks

This article focuses on the creating, editing and deleting Sage ACT Smart Tasks

How to create a Smart Task

  • To create a Smart Tasks, on the Manage Smart Tasks window, please click the Templates tab. Then click New Smart Task. The New Smart Task window appears
  •  In the Smart Task Name field, type a brief title for the Smart Tasks template. Please choose the access for this Smart Tasks template. Please hit Public if the template should be available for other ACT users. Hit Private if the template should be available only to you.
  • In the Description window, please enter any other information to describe this Smart Tasks template. In the field “Record Type”, please choose the type of record (e.g. Contact, Opportunity) this Smart Tasks template will be available for.
  • On the Trigger option, please select when the Smart Tasks template should run. The options are (a) Run manually only  or (b) Run at scheduled time
  • If you choose to run at a scheduled time, then please choose one of the following (a) daily (b) weekly (c) monthly. In order to set the Time list, select the time of the day to run the Smart Task. In order too set filters, under Filter, click Edit Criteria, set any criteria, and click OK.
  • Choose Run only once for any record if you want a Smart Task to be run against a record only once per user. Then hit OK. Please note that once a Smart Task Template has been created and saved, the Trigger (Run Manually Only or Run At Scheduled Time) cannot be changed.

How to edit a Smart Task

  • To edit a Smart Task, on the Manage Smart Tasks window, hit the Templates tab, and then hit the Smart Tasks template you want to edit. Hit the Edit button. The Edit Smart Task dialog box opens up.
  • If users notice that the Trigger is set to run at scheduled time, then they can update how frequently the Smart Task is run.

How to delete a Smart Task

  • In order to delete a Smart Task, thee are several important steps. First, from the Manage Smart Tasks dialog box, hit the Templates tab. Then choose the Smart Tasks template that you desiret to delete from the list. Just click delete and hit OK.  Please realize that deleting any smart task template will not delete any smart tasks that are in progress at the time of deletion.

How to Duplicate a Smart Task

  • In order to duplicate a Smart Task, go to the Manage Smart Tasks dialog box, and click the Templates tab. Then select the Smart Tasks template you want to duplicate from the list. Then hit Duplicate. Then use the New Smart Task window to change general information. Please realize that you cannot change the Record Type or Trigger when you duplicate a Smart Tasks template.


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