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Incorporating SugarCRM in Banking and Investment Banking

Written By: Cliff Ford on September 8, 2012 No Comment

SugarCRM in Investment Banking

SugarCRM is a top 3 CRM system and is probably the most easily integrated CRM on the market. Investment Bankers are easily able to integrate Sugar into their Banking system.

The Customer Relationship Management software or the CRM, for short, is all about the retention of current clients and the attraction of potential new ones. Financial institutions are now looking into integrating advanced software in their customer service processes. Such array of software includes reliable tools such as SugarCRM. A service-based company with SugarCRM integration will establish a dramatic increase in core deposit values and a notable boost in profits.

SugarCRM is Based on Open Source Coding

The SugarCRM open-source software offers the business a prevention method of vendor lock-in, which is one reason why many businesses think it works. Typically, the open source application allows development and distribution of network programs for transparency and freedom of better use on the systems. Software applications of SugarCRM will become a value-based product that creates lower risks with the fastest return on investments. Workflows on this type of application are those that are implemented for proper tracking, routing and monitoring of different customer movements.

SugarCRM Flexibility

SugarCRM will offer banking institutions the best options possible in a fast-moving world.  Generally, SugarCRM allows for the integration of different systems to the CRM system itself.  In fact, social media networks, such as Twitter and FaceBook, are two of the elements that bring in overall customer service to the core. Tracking contacts and sales opportunities will provide access to closer customer service as SugarCRM offers insights to the interests of clients on goods and services. Auto-sync properties to emails and MS Office programs also bring an edge to the use of the applications.

Videos: Using CRM in Banking

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