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Microsoft CRM and SugarCRM – CRM Comparison

Written By: Cliff Ford on July 21, 2012 No Comment

2 Excellent Choices - Microsoft CRM and SugarCRM

In this article we consider the relative merits of Microsoft CRM as opposed to SugarCRM. The comparison websites provide superficial differences but you have to ensure that youare able to find the proper solutions. Both of these CRM solutions have received top-notch reviews within the magic quadrant, and they also have specific qualities that add unique aspects to their SFA operations.

Sugar CRM has been identified as one of the leaders in a niche of 9 products. It is particularly targeted towards the top sales executives who are looking to define their vision using the latest technology. Once a vision has been established then the leaders can delegate and monitor the implementation. The results are assessed according to revenue and earnings. In fact this is the favorite methodology for the top companies.

  • Concentration of effort on North America: It has been discovered that the market leaders are located in North America where MLM marketing is kicking off. However other great markets include the Asia/Pacific branch and EMEA. The industry is diversified into different niches and there are vertical strands with multiple proof points which can carry more than 500 users at a time.
  • Niche players: SFA functionality tends to work well with Microsoft CRM where the entrepreneur has decided to concentrate on a particular niche. One of the complaints that has been received so far is the possible that critical functional components are excluded from this package. For example it rarely exceeds the 500-user point especially if you are working with different geographical locations. Moreover the business execution has not been found to be as effective as the counterpart.
  • Forecasting: Even where the niche is doing well in terms of providing vendors with consistency, it fails on the test of crossing industries. The sales effectiveness is therefore affected by poor forecasting prospects. Larger enterprises are particularly affected if the software cannot cope with diversified tasks. It is therefore recommended that unique solutions have to be found according to the requirements of the enterprise as a whole.
  • Comparative studies: It is not easy to compare Microsoft CRM and Sugar CRM where the individual qualities are exaggerated. None of them is comprehensive enough to completely replace the alternative. Some of the reports that have attempted to simplify this process include the top 10 sales force automation list.  The default is to consider unique business needs and find the program that can best meet them.

From a branding perspective Microsoft CRM has the reputation to match its capabilities. The problem is that it cannot effectively deal with the niche problems that are second nature to its Sugar CRM counterpart. As a minimum you have to set your objectives as an entrepreneur against the reality of the business environment within which you are operating. Sometimes these things will match while at other times they will be completely different. In terms of costs, the differences are negligible so you can probably get away with either option. You are strongly advised to test the systems before buying them.

Microsoft CRM ReviewDynamics CRM Analysis

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Topics addressed:

  1. Total Cost of Ownership of Microsoft CRM
  2. MS vs Salesforce
  3. Pros and Cons of  Hosted vs Onsite CRM
  4. Important Factors for User Adoption


SugarCRM ReviewFree SugarCRM Analysis Document

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With this evaluation, you will be empowered to grasp the chief enhancements within Sugar CRM.

Topics discussed:

  1. Special Fields (e.g. Show-Hide)
  2. Related Fields (related to other modules)
  3. Mathematical Fields
  4. Configuring Dependent Drop-Downs
  5. Using Favorites
  6. Understanding the Favorites Dashlet
  7. LinkedIn integration
  8. Report Options (grouping, filtering, scheduling)
  9. User Screen enhancements
  10. Sugar Mobile details


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