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Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Comparison of version 4.0 vs CRM 2011

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 4, 2012 No Comment

MS Dynamics CRM 4.0 vs 2011

Many companies are currently on version 4.0 of Dynamics CRM and are considering upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. So let us quickly review the improvements in version 4.0. As it turns out MS CRM 4.0 promised a solid version – and they did deliver.

We believe they will also deliver with version 2011. In fact, they were so confident in the success of CRM 2011 that they originally made the beta open to whoever wanted to join!

Upgrading from MS 4.0 to 2011


Overview of MS CRM Features in version 4.0:

To read the accompanying document, please click here.

  1. Multi-currency Support
  2. Multi-language Support
  3. Multi-tenancy
  4. Smart Search
  5. Multi-stage Workflows
  6. Upgrade Wizard
  7. Metadata Application Programmer Interface
  8. Support for SQL Mirroring
  9. Clustering and Load Balancing
  10. Internet Facing Deployment
  11. Presence Management
  12. Resource Center
  13. Advanced Relationship Modeling
  14. Advanced Diagnostics
  15. Portable Application Model
  16. Duplicate Detection
  17. Data Import Wizard
  18. Windows Workflow Foundation
  19. Workflow Wizard
  20. Promote E-mail to Lead
  21. Promote E-mail to Case
  22. Web Mail Merge
  23. Reporting Wizard
  24. Scheduled Reporting
  25. Offline Reporting
  26. Smart Navigation
  27. Offline Customizations
  28. Smart Tracking

Microsoft CRM version 2011 Features List

  1. Marketing enhancements
  2. Sales Pipeline
  3. Customer service – including dispatching
  4. Filtered Lookups
  5. Recently used items in lookups
  6. New SOAP Endpoint
  7. The Ribbon
  8. Auditing
  9. Latest Framework, Tools
  10. CRM and SharePoint
  11. Solution Packaging Expanded
  12. Record Set Navigation
  13. Sticky Views
  14. Form AdditionsCloud Development
  15. Solution Management
  16. MS Dynamics Marketplace
  17. Workflows – best in class
  18. Dashboards – pretty much unlimited
  19. Tracking Data Using Dashboard
  20. Dashboard Designer Canvas
  21. Dashboard Component Gallery
  22. Using the dashboard
  23. Core Features
  24. Goal Management
  25. Interactive Process Dialogs
  26. Web Resources/Data endpoint
  27. Charts, Dashboards & Filtering
  28. The new Outlook Client
  29. Form Editor and Customize Tab
  30. Dialogs
  31. Global Option Sets
  32. Side Tabs
  33. Header/Footer
  34. Sub-grids
  35. Making Views Even BetterDocument Management
  36. New activity Type
  37. Dynamic Marketing List
  38. Bulk Delete
  39. Recurring Appointment
  40. Field-Level Security in CRM
  41. Record Counts
  42. Column Filtering
  43. Associated Views
  44. Lookup Views
  45. Personal Views
  46. Some Exciting Core Features
  47. Dashboards
  48. Charts
  49. Attachments & Bulk Emails
  50. Data Import WizardSub-Grids in Forms
  51. Rich CRM Email/Appointments
  52. Recently Visited
  53. Default Views
  54. Shortcut Menu in CRM-2011
  55. Get Started Pane
  56. End-user tools
  57. Context-sensitive ribbon
  58. Form sections instead of tabs
  59. Filters and default views
  60. Browse records on detail form
  61. View options
  62. No more form assistant pane
  63. Email activity ribbon
  64. Total counts in grid
  65. Sales Literature emailing
  66. Windows Update support
  67. Enhancements in Outlook Client
  68. Outlook 2010 vs. 2007/2003
  69. Reading panes
  70. View tabs and filters
  71. Full visualizations support
  72. Activity grouping
  73. Conditional formatting
  74. Regarding records
  75. Auto create contacts or leads
  76. Outlook Social Connector
  77. Form Customization Options
  78. Adding a sub-grid on the form
  79. Related records filtering
  80. Visible Form Field by default
  81. Delete keys in CRM-2011
  82. Dragging fields onto form
  83. Create new fields within form
  84. Making a field appear twice
  85. Auditing features
  86. View audit history per record
  87. Audit summary view
  88. Audit data security
  89. Hide audit summary
  90. Connections
  91. Quick-create a Connection
  92. Relationship roles
  93. SharePoint Integration
  94. Document management
  95. Visualizations
  96. Viewing charts on grids
  97. Drilling down
  98. Creating new personal charts
  99. Creating new system charts
  100. Custom charts
  101. Goals and goal metrics records
  102. Email Activity
  103. Web Resources in CRM-2011
  104. Role & Privilege Improvements
  105. Queues
  106. Teams & More
  107. Process Instance Detail View
  108. Detailed Error Information
  109. Process Editor (Workflow)
  110. Sample Data
  111. Team Improvements

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