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More than 50 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Improvements

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 9, 2012 No Comment

Over 50 Microsoft CRM Enhancements

As we will focus more of our blogging attention to CRM 2011, you can still enjoy this list of previous enhancements! With CRM tools to enhance your firm’s marketing, sales, and customer service processes, a solid analytics platform, and native integration with the Microsoft® Office Outlook® messaging and collaboration client, Microsoft Dynamics CRM assist you as you drive consistent and measurable improvement in everyday business processes.

PowerPoint SlideShow of Feature Enhancements for MS CRM



  1. Multi-Tenancy—Host multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on the same physical hardware.
  2. Multi-Language—Support multiple languages in one location or across geographical boundaries.
  3. Multi-Currency—Support any number of currencies.
  4. Multiple E-Mail Platform Support—Support your e-mail platform of choice, including POP3 and Exchange Server.


  1. System Job Monitor—Monitor the processing of asynchronous system jobs.
  2. Monitoring and Diagnostics—Better monitor the health of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 environment.
  3. Microsoft Office Client Diagnostic Tools and Reports—Help end users troubleshoot their own issues.
  4. Client Tracing and Troubleshooting File—Create a troubleshooting file and trace client problems for quick resolution.


  1. Migration of Customizations—Preserve your customizations when you migrate from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0.
  2. Organization Import Wizard—Automate user and environment migrations.
  3. Extended Portable Application Model—Export your customizations and apply them accurately to servers.
  4. Bulk User Add—Add users in bulk, including Active Directory lookup and application of roles.


  1. Windows workflow Foundation—Extend workflows across line-of-business systems.
  2. Workflow Wizard—Create workfl ows using wizard-based tools.
  3. Workflow Accessibility—Access workflows from your CRM application and through the Web.
  4. Expanded workflow Actions—Create workflows using a broad library of actions or create custom actions.
  5. Dynamic Data Access for workflow Design—Access and use dynamic data in the workflow design interface.
  6. Multi-Stage Workflows—Model multi-stage business processes more faithfully.
  7. Choice of Design Environments—Design workflows using the Workflow Wizard, markup, or code.
  8. Advanced workflow Expressions and Triggers—Apply sophisticated logic and trigger conditions in your workflows.



  1. Internet-Facing Deployment—Access CRM application remotely without a VPN.
  2. Smart Search—See search results appear as you type a search term.
  3. Load Status Bar—See status or cancel loading of CRM application in Office Outlook.
  4. Most Recently Used Entities List—Quickly choose recently used entities when selecting criteria for e-mail
  5. Tracking Breadcrumb—See at a glance why an e-mail message is being tracked.
  6. Web Mail Merge—More easily create and manage mail merges and share reusable mail merge templates.
  7. Activity Synchronization—Synchronize all CRM activities with Exchange Server.
  8. E-Mail Smart Matching—Track CRM e-mail messages without a tracking token.
  9. E-Mail Promotion to Lead or Case—Transform an e-mail message into a lead or case with a click.
  10. Presence Visibility—See who is online and start instant messaging from within your CRM application.
  11. Campaign Automation—Create sales campaigns more quickly and easily.
  12. Resource Center—Share information and best practices with your coworkers in a community format.


  1. Scheduled Reporting—Schedule reports or run them when you need them.
  2. Reporting Wizard—Create reports using wizard-based tools.
  3. Offl ine Reporting—View reports offline based on synchronized data.
  4. Integrated Reporting Access Model—Secure reports using the same role-based access model as your CRM application.
  5. Advanced Find—Create sophisticated views of customer data.
  6. Dynamic Data Connections in Office Excel—Work with CRM data in Office Excel and refresh from the CRM database.
  7. Activity Reporting—View activities for specific users, cases, and opportunities.


  1. Data Import Wizard—Import data more easily with wizard-based tools.
  2. Duplicate Detection—Detect duplicates and merge or delete redundant records.
  3. Reusable Data Import Maps—Create and reuse data-import maps for common data
  4. Data Import Validation—Test your data import before you commit your data.


  1. Advanced Entity Relationship Modeling—Model many-to-many business relationships out of the box.
  2. Smart Navigation—Provide a customized navigation to users in your organization.
  3. Device Client Access License—License Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on a per-device basis.
  4. Read-Only Client Access License—License those users who require only limited access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.


  1. Microsoft SQL Server Mirroring—Employ SQL Server mirroring to enhance the availability of your CRM data.
  2. Enhanced Performance—Improve performance with parallel inbox processing and other enhancements.
  3. Clustering and Load Balancing—Cluster application components for scalability.
  4. Component Scalability—Cluster the components you use most.


  1. Metadata Application Programming Interface—Take advantage of the power of metadata with the metadata API.
  2. Offl ine Customizations—Take your customizations with you when you work offl ine.
  3. Event Framework Plug-ins—Integrate your applications with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 event pipeline.

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