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Sage ACT! vs Goldmine-CRM Comparison

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Review of ACT! and Goldmine CRM Comparison

In comparing Sage ACT vs Goldmine, we hope that this brief description will be helpful.

Sage ACT is considered the world’s best-selling Contact Management package. It is suitable for various levels of business from a standard version supporting less than 10 users, it has a workgroup edition that can be deployed for larger volumes of data and it also has an online version accessed through a web browser that can incorporate the workgroup version or a standalone version. First time users find this aspect useful when considering Sage ACT vs Goldmine.

Features of Goldmine CRM

In comparing Sage ACT vs Goldmine, the main features of Goldmine are that it is a mid-market package useful for medium sized companies or departments in larger corporations. It has some in depth reporting tools. There are two differing databases used in Goldmine, one is dBase and the other is MySQL. First time users may find the necessary customisation of Goldmine easy to follow which may influence their choice between Sage ACT vs Goldmine.

ACT! Screens More Customizable Than Goldmine

With regards to layout and ease of use when dealing with the Sage ACT vs Goldmine equation, it would be true to say that the ACT interface can be more easily personalised for each user, especially in the display of their contacts. Goldmine, provides a more complex CRM platform, yet has less ability for modifications.

Field boxes for Sage ACT use drop down lists, and check boxes. Goldmine is modular with choices for disabling some modules.

For Sage ACT vs Goldmine, one aspect where these two CRM’s are equal is that they are both multi-user enabled and are both network ready.

Network Comparison of Goldmine and ACT!

Network capability for Sage ACT vs Goldmine is fairly equal as well. Both have offline synchronization. ACT provides remote live access through a VPN whilst Goldmine offers a thin client version that can also be accessed via the internet.

Goldmine vs ACT! Users and Versions

When discussing user numbers for Sage ACT vs Goldmine the rule of thumb is that Sage has options for 1-10 users and 11+ users. Goldmine has these two options, 1-25 or 10 -250.

Mobile Options for Goldmine and ACT!

Compatibility with smart phones is very competitive between age ACT vs Goldmine. Both provided Sage ACT now provides an additional service allowing contacts and calendar events to be synchronised with popular smartphones and iPads.

Goldmine versus ACT! – Handling Multiple Addresses

One of the issues facing CRM packages is the ability or inability to have multiple addresses for a single entity. When considering Sage ACT vs Goldmine we now find that both these packages allow for unlimited multiple contact addresses per record.

ACT! Reports vs Goldmine Reports

With regards to issuing reports, the Sage ACT vs Goldmine comparison is fairly straightforward, with both packages being able to link into Crystal reports, this being an additional module for Sage ACT but built into Goldmine. ACT has around 40 built in but customisable reports whilst Goldmine has a selection of pre-configured reports that are also customisable.

These are just a few of the points of difference between Sage ACT vs Goldmine. Depending on the end user, either package has its benefits.

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