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Sugar CRM vs Salesforce – Usability and Customization Comparison

Written By: Cliff Ford on September 8, 2012 No Comment

Sugar CRM vs Salesforce - Customization Comparison

There are numerous excellent CRM products on the market. SugarCRM and Salesforce are among the top 5 for good reason. The feature sets are mature, integration is well developed, and user adoption is constantly growing.  Yet one topic of difference is the ease of customization within Sugar.

Let’s take a look at the basic features of both systems:


SugarLogic Provides The Freedom to Customize

From our perspective, SugarCRM has more options than its closest competition. Unlike Saleforce.com, Sugar administrators have easy access to top tools such as Sugar Studio, SugarLogic™, and Sugar Module Builder. These are simple but vital utilities that are being used to create custom fields, screens, and modules, the purpose of which is to meet targeted business needs. The best thing about these customizations is that they are designed to make sure that the administrators don’t have to be programmers to utilize them at all.



Transforming Your CRM with SugarLogic and Sugar Studio

Salesforce.com clients are often confronted with a decision to adjust their business processes according to how their CRM are configured. That doesn’t fare too well at all whenever clients try to compare CRM programs. That’s why it’s definitely good news for every business whenever they learn that Sugar has the component (SugarLogic) that can help them make complex, upgrade-safe customizations easily. This component can support calculated fields, date fields, and calculated-dependent dropdowns. To make it simpler, it all means that clients can now mold their CRM solutions according to how their businesses processes are designed from the very inception of their company.

Making Revisions within Salesforce compared with using SugarLogic and the Sugar Module Builder



When making changes with a Salesforce.com CRM, developers must either learn a new proprietary programming language they can’t use anywhere else or they can just depend on consultants forever. That seemed too inconvenient for a client who depends on CRM software for his business. But with SugarCRM Module Builder, clients don’t have to do bear with that because it is developed using PHP, one of the most common scripting languages used in applications worldwide including Facebook.

“We immediately fell in love with SugarCRM and open source. We were easily able to customize modules and be up and running in no time because Sugar works around our needs rather than us having to work around Sugar. It has gone beyond ROI and is the backbone of our business.”

~ Avi Bar, Vice President Architectural Products

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