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SugarCRM – User Tips for the List View

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 22, 2012 No Comment

SugarCRM Tips and Tricks for the List View

Sometimes CRM users get used to their workarounds. Then get excited when we explain that they can skip their workarounds because the features are already built in.

  • Wow, I didn’t think that was possible!
  • That tip will save me two hours each day!
  • That advice made the whole day worth it!

No, the above statements are NOT exaggerations! These are real quotes from our very satisfied “trainees”.

So here are a few tips for SugarCRM regarding the List View:

(1) In the top-right corner of each list view, the display indicates the size/number of the search results. But please realize that only 20 records will display at a time. Why? To speed up loading time. And we all love speed! To move forward, click the arrow to the right. To move backwards, hit the left arrow.

(2) Sort the list by any clicking on the header name. When you hover over a header, it becomes underlined. Then click it to sort.

(3) To add columns and save that view, simply create an Advanced Search and save it. Don’t be intimidated by the Advanced Search – it is one of SugarCRM’s most powerful and productive features. Once you understand it, you will use it each and every day.

(4) To select specific records on a list, simply use the checkbox feature on the left side of the list view.

(5) Once selected, you are able to do perform more tasks such as exporting, deleting, mass-updating, adding to target lists, emailing or mail-merging.

SugarCRM Video on List View Customization

SugarCRM Tutorial – Getting Started with Sugar Customization


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