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Written By: Cliff Ford on January 22, 2012 No Comment

Customer service should be the focus of every business. There are two ways that business people look at customer service. The first feel that it is the number one concern and the second feel that they would like to take steps to make their customer service better. When you are branding your business there are many things that can make that brand strong and add to your marketing. You can achieve great results by using what is known as CRM.

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 3, 2011 No Comment

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management, although many specialists agree that there really is no certain definition for what CRM is. For most businesses, CRM is known for what it’s being used for: a software. This is such a misconception, considering the fact that the CRM can do so much more than that. For instance, CRM plays a major part in a business’ strategy to generate new leads, convert them into customers, maintain those customers, and collect data for marketing analysis purposes. As a company grows larger, the acquisition of new customers and maintaining them could prove to be very essential yet inefficient for to be a task and definitely a waste of time. This is where CRM enters the picture. Contrary to what others might think, CRM is a very powerful partner in a company’s goals for marketing. With a CRM software, a company will be looking into the prospects of benefiting from the effects of marketing automation and its parallel functions.

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