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Written By: Cliff Ford on December 11, 2012 No Comment
Step 5: Adoption-Oriented CRM Implementation (Best Practices and Strategy Guide)

STEP FIVE in a successful CRM project strategy is having an adoption-oriented CRM Implementation. User Adoption: The Key Ingredient in CRM Project Implementations Keystone Strategy penned an excellent paper on the value of end-user productivity and usability in ERP software implementations. They note that an AMR Research study has shown that merely 15% of employees are [...]

Written By: Cliff Ford on December 6, 2012 No Comment

Having effective customer relationship management (CRM) means the customer is at the heart of your business. Today, CRM implementation can improve your customer satisfaction and improve the overall quality of your business. CRM best practices can be implemented at the basic level to improve all aspects of your business or you can choose to go smaller and limit the CRM implementation to focus on customer interactions like marketing, sales, and service. Following the CRM implementation should be well planned before you begin.

Written By: Cliff Ford on December 7, 2011 No Comment

Customer relationship management or CRM as it is often called is using software to build a database and manage positive relationships with clients and prospects. One of the best ways to use this software is to make it work on auto-pilot.

One of the most important goals of any business is to attract new clients on an on going basis while building and maintaining the relationships with clients you already have. The next part of the equation is to win back any clients that have not bought a product or used a service in awhile.

When you win back former clients your cost per client is lower and this makes you money in the long run. Effective implementation of CRM will help all of your departments to work more effectively while increasing your company profit and reducing your marketing costs long term. Another way to think about it is: enhanced performance in business, results in company growth and profit.

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