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Written By: Cliff Ford on December 4, 2012 No Comment

When it comes to SAAS CRM, SugarCRM and Salesforce.com are seen as two of the leading CRM Software Systems on the market. In this article we outline the differences between both systems – and specifically compare and evaluate SugarCRM Pro and Salesforce Pro. We also provide a video review that details the features side by side.

Written By: Cliff Ford on July 26, 2012 No Comment

Regardless of the outcome of every CRM Comparison Survey, the fact still remains that all CRM solutions share a common denominator: They all have 2 major aspects relative to their CRM Data. The first aspect is the customer database. This is a program of stored information that is relevant and useful to the operations of the business. What a CRM database contains can differ greatly according to the direction of the business. There is no doubt that this aspect is highly essential to a client or a company. The second aspect of CRM data is its object relationships between accounts, contacts, opportunities, and all other customer records.

Written By: Cliff Ford on July 22, 2012 No Comment

Apparently, what sets SugarCRM apart from its competition in conducting a CRM Comparison is the fact that its underlying database structure makes it totally different by allowing customers to have their own database system. Other CRM solutions such as Salesforce.com are built on a multi-tenant SaaS data model which allows for several users to share only a single underlying database. This type of structure was designed 10 years ago, when legacy database technology entails huge expenses when being scaled horizontally. Recent databases such as MySQL are configured for cloud computing and does not cost that much when running a huge and horizontally-scaled architecture such as SugarCRM. This accounts for a lot of credit because customers would always demand the privilege of privacy especially when conducting their business affairs.

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 30, 2011 No Comment

Sugar CRM previously had 2 paid subscription models. But in the last 12 months, Sugar has shifted into 4 paid subscription options. This mimics closely the offering of Salesforce.com. And across the board, the feature set for each pricing level compares favorably for Sugar.

Sugar CRM Professional Edition includes social CRM, full sales, marketing and support automation, e-mail integration, list and chart reporting, team selling, advanced security, and workflow automation.

It also includes Support for up to 22 languages, unlimited API calls, and even regular back-ups of your customer data. Users also have the option to deploy online in the cloud or on their own network.

Written By: Cliff Ford on July 14, 2011 No Comment

In a blog article for a software advisory site, CRM analyst Lauren Carlson recognized Salesforce.com as the leader in cloud CRM solutions. This takes into consideration the facts that are yielded whenever CRM comparison surveys are conducted, including its known premiere status of being one of the first SaaS-based CRM products in the market. Salesforce seems to generate an impression of a user-friendly tool with deep impacts on the business processes relevant to its functions. The good thing about free trade these days is that buyers are presented with options. And with options, more and better alternatives are derived. This way, the common medieval mistake of sticking with what’s prevalent can be avoided. The article draws out a short-list of the possible alternatives that may be worth considering. It is also worthy to categorize this list according to how benefits should be focused.

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