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Written By: Cliff Ford on September 7, 2011 No Comment

Typically, one of the main concerns for selecting a CRM solution in the market is to provide in-depth views and analysis of the sales prospects and opportunitiess. Sage ACT! addresses this very well in the SMB market and makes sure that business marketing demands for its users are met.

However, SugarCRM has developed a sales pipeline that is considered by some to be more updated and responsive – especially in the web/online environment. It provides tracking of contacts and opportunities with proper monitoring of the accounts on the dashboards. In contrast to Salesforce, SugarCRM creates a distinct database instance for each customer instead of forcing all online customers to share a single, massive database pool.

Written By: Cliff Ford on August 30, 2011 No Comment

Sugar CRM previously had 2 paid subscription models. But in the last 12 months, Sugar has shifted into 4 paid subscription options. This mimics closely the offering of Salesforce.com. And across the board, the feature set for each pricing level compares favorably for Sugar.

Sugar CRM Professional Edition includes social CRM, full sales, marketing and support automation, e-mail integration, list and chart reporting, team selling, advanced security, and workflow automation.

It also includes Support for up to 22 languages, unlimited API calls, and even regular back-ups of your customer data. Users also have the option to deploy online in the cloud or on their own network.

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