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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to the latest Sage ACT!

Written By: Cliff Ford on June 11, 2012 No Comment

Top 10 reasons to upgrade Sage ACT!

There have been many, high-quality developments at ACT! by Sage since the days of ACT 6 (aka ACT 2004).

The biggest change was moving to SQL. Now ACT is on SQL 2008 and isa mature and high-quality CRM software.. The initial move to SQL was full of pros and cons. But ACT figured it out and is now on stable footing.

If you are on a previous version of Sage ACT, I have listed the main reasons for updating to the latest version of ACT.:

  1. Google Contacts and Calendar Integration. Welcome to the 21st century ACT. And thanks for giving us this functionality.
  2. Microsoft Outlook Invitations. ACT now allows you to send Outlook Invitations directly out of ACT Premium as well as receive Outlook Invitations that will now appear on your ACT calendar.
  3. Automated Smart Tasks. If users need to be automatically alerted via activity or email when a condition has taken place in the database, then this is for you.
  4. Custom Entities and Modules. Now users are able to create custom tables and sub-tables – thus allowing users to track anything.
  5. Dashboards that work in the Windows as well as the Web version.. Graphic charts, graphs and list views that will make managers happy.
  6. Global Search. If you’d like to search for data that is anywhere in your system, you can now find it.
  7. Opportunities that can be completely configured! Users can now add as much personlization to Opportunities as you are able to the contacts or groups moduels . Opportunities now also have their own histories, notes, activities.
  8. Identical User Screens. In fact, now the Network interface and the Web interface look almost identical. Perfect for mixed environments. In essence, the web layout looks like the windows layout.
  9. Synchronization that functions as it should. It’s just about impossible to break sync now. And if you do, it’s a breeze to fix.
  10. Outlook Synchronization – both Contacts and Activities can be synchronized between ACT and Microft Outlook. This can be configured for 1-way or 2-way, and it can also be set up for automatic, timed syncing.

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ACT and CRM Comparison Topics:

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  2. Feature Details (Sync, Call Center, Quoting, E-commerce, Lead Management, Security, Workflow, and much more).
  3. CRM Modules (e.g. SFA, Marketing, Service, etc)
  4. IT Hardware (Microsoft, Linux, etc…)
  5. CRM Costs (Licensing, etc..)
  6. NAICS information and more
  7. Improvements in Version 2012 and 2013

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