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Top Ten CRM Sales Tips for the Sales Process

Written By: Cliff Ford on January 5, 2012 No Comment

A good CRM Sales Process keeps you in charge

Being in charge of a sales staff can be stressful. When you are in charge and are ready to implement your CRM software into your sales team’s tools it can be easy if you follow our tips. Having the right CRM sales process makes sure that your entire staff is on the same page.

Use these Ten Tips to become a CRM pro

These 10 simple but effective tips will help make your CRM implementation a success. Keep in mind that each business and sales team is unique. This means there are no cut and dry answers for every situation but these tips will help you regardless.

#1 You need to make sure that everyone supports the CRM system. The way to do this is to drive home the benefits of using the system to your sales team. Go to the leader of the sales team and tell him or her everything and get that person to educate their staff about the importance of CRM. Every word and action should match. This will get the sales team working together.

#2 Involve the CRM team from the top level down. Every single member of the sales team should be involved.

#3 Remember that everyone listens to the radio station WIIFM. That means What’s In It For Me? So, tell the team what is in it for them. It will mean more money and it will make their workload easier.

#4 Make the CRM system easy to use. You will want to make it as easy as you can. Cut down the number of clicks it take to access and store information without sacrificing any important details. Try to get as many bugs out of the system in advance as you can.

#5 Always work on improving the CRM system after you have it up and running.

#6 Make the CRM system easy to integrate with other systems. This will allow everyone in the sales team to import and export contacts with ease.

#7 Make sure you train the CRM team. Once the system is ready to go, you will want to show everyone how to use it.

#8 Maintain questions and answer sessions and ongoing CRM training. This will allow the sales team to ask questions and get more training as the need it. The more training you provide the better it will be for everyone.

#9 Make your job easy and do not provide the sales team with customer data they can find in the system.

#10 Maintain high quality CRM data. You want to put everything you need in the CRM system so that everyone who needs it can get it quickly.

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