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Zoho CRM Review – Free CRM Option

Written By: Cliff Ford on October 13, 2012 No Comment

CRM for Small Business – A Review of ZohoCRM

With over five million people using ZohoCRM you can rest assured that it is a great choice for your small business. When you are looking for applications that will increase your sales and offer your customers the best customer support available, Zoho often has the answer.

The top 3 inexpensive CRM systems for small business today are as follows:

  • SugarCRM (Free and Paid Editions – unlimited users)
  • Zoho CRM (Free up to 3 users, Paid User for 4+ users)
  • Microsoft CRM (Paid Edition – best feature set)

Zoho CRM – Ease of Use

Zoho allows you to zoom in on the needs of your business. You can use this amazing customer relationship management program to take better care of your customers and get paid on your invoices. The control panel is easy to use and navigate too. This means it will be super easy for your staff to use. CRM is also there to help you in the Marketing department!

Stay organized with a CRM System like Zoho CRM!

In business when you stay on top of important tasks and seize the right opportunities you can stay ahead of your competitors and satisfy the needs of your clients. Using a CRM system like Zoho to build better relationships will increase your company’s numbers and help you to close more sales.

CRM can take your business to the next level!

Using CRM will allow you to do so much more with fewer resources. Doing this will save your company so much money. CRM is a great tool to use when you want accomplish more and stay on track with your goals.

Zoho CRM – Making everyday life easier for you!

Effortless collaboration and communication with employees and customers is easy with ZohoCRM. With this useful tool you can run your business, manage the information your company needs and become more productive. The best part is that Zoho will help your business regardless of your current location. You can access the platform from the office, your house or even from your mobile phone.

Talk to your CRM Provider about Zoho!

When you need a great customer relationship management system for your business Zoho might be your answer. Take some time to talk to your CRM provider to talk about how Zoho can be customized for your company.


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Comparison Webinar: Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce.com

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CRM Webinar - Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce.com

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